Management Services

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Premier Property Management Services, LLC will custom design a cost effective service package that meets YOUR individual needs.

The following are the main objectives for Premier Property Management Services LLC:

        · Resident Relations

Resident relations are of utmost importance. Our company's philosophy emphasizes face-to-face contact with our residents on an ongoing basis.

      · Maintenance Staff

In order to respond to daily maintenance needs, we have people on staff that is designated specifically for this purpose. We have developed a regular maintenance schedule for each of the properties in our portfolio. This schedule allows for a timely response to maintenance needs and preventative maintenance, while keeping flexibility in our maintenance schedule.

        · Accounting Systems

Our accounting system is fully automated and provides our owners with accuratereporting on a timely basis. The flexibility of our system allows us to change or modify all or a portion of our accounting package to meet the requirements of owner; and just as important - it is understandable!

        · Response Time

We understand in today’s world time is valuable that’s why we believe in 24 hour service for all of our residents.

Products and Services

        · Accounting and Finance

Paying of bills: i.e. management fees, water/ sewer, vendor bills, insurance

Monthly reporting

Monthly disbursements

Insurance claim filing

Budget Preparation

Report to the board of directors for unit owner payments

Tax preparation and fillings with local state agencies

        · Resident Management

Supervise condo fee collection

Serve late notices

Collect interest on late payments

Resident management regarding questions/ concerns

Ensure by-laws are up to date and meet current State Agency standards, revise by-laws as changes are needed

Attend board meetings with preparation of board packets as board meets

By-law control with community members

Answer all Resident calls, emergency andnon emergency the association.

We believe in our mission and in our role of making our clients home a better place to live!