Resident Relations

Resident relations are of utmost importance. Our company’s philosophy emphasizes face-to-face contact with our residents on an ongoing basis.

Maintenance Staff

In order to respond to daily maintenance needs, we have people on staff that is designated specifically for this purpose. We have developed a regular maintenance schedule for each of the properties in our portfolio. This schedule allows for a timely response to maintenance needs and preventative maintenance, while keeping flexibility in our maintenance schedule.

Accounting Systems

Our accounting system is fully automated and provides our owners with accurate reporting on a timely basis. The flexibility of our system allows us to change or modify all or a portion of our accounting package to meet the requirements of owner; and just as important – it is understandable!

Response Time

We understand in today’s world time is valuable that’s why we believe in 24 hour service for all of our residents.

Products and Services

Accounting and Finance

  • Paying of bills: i.e. management fees, water/ sewer, vendor bills, insurance
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly disbursements
  • Insurance claim filing
  • Budget Preparation
  • Report to the board of directors for unit owner payments
  • Tax preparation and fillings with local state agencies

Agent will not expend any monies in excess of $100.00 with-out the association approval. If an emergency arises that involves writing a check over the agreed $100.00 Premier will make every effort to contact the Association for approval if Premier cannot reach any member of the association Premier will use its discretion and will act in the best interest of the Association.

Resident Management

  • Supervise condo fee collection
  • Serve late notices
  • Collect interest on late payments
  • Resident management regarding questions/ concerns
  • Ensure by-laws are up to date and meet current State Agency standards, revise by-laws as changes are needed
  • Attend board meetings with preparation of board packets as board meets
  • By-law control with community members
  • Answer all Resident calls, emergency and non emergency the association.

Property Maintenance

Service contracts

  • Landscaping and Snow removal over sight to ensure contractors meet the needs of the community
  • Cleaning of grounds.
  • Volume and vendor discounts
  • Handle all service calls both routine and emergency
  • Exterior inspections with written reports
  • Ensure all necessary repairs/improvements performed promptly and efficiently but with regards to costs involved (Association responsible for incurred costs)
  • Ensure all licenses are renewed if applicable to property and representation with city/state inspections and also ensure proper completion/correction of any violations (Association responsible for incurred costs, i.e. licensing fees and repairs)
  • Supervision of on-site maintenance and on all projects
  • Weekly inspections by the manager with a report to the Board of Directors
  • On-site maintenance staff available for specific projects